Goal Management

Youth & Mentor

With a mentor’s encouragement, a young person identifies a meaningful goal that reflects personal growth in one or more indicators of thriving. The Goal Selection Form is a template to help the youth define a short-term goal and action steps. As youth pursue goals, mentors observe dimensions defined in the GPS Growth Grids and seize opportune moments to explicitly emphasize these skills. The Goal Management (GPS) process is outlined in the step-by-step document. Mentors are also encouraged to mine group GPS lessons for conversation starters and activities that illustrate dimensions of GPS.

Some mentors find that the pocket license is a useful back-seat reminder for a young person, about his or her goal commitment.

When youth start to think about their actions and adapt their behavior to internal cues and environmental feedback... ...this self-regulation is at the core of identity development and attainment of goals.

-Dr. Richard Lerner,
Tufts University