Growth Mindset


One’s “mindset” or beliefs about whether skills, intelligence and personality qualities are fixed or can be developed, has a profound effect on life choices and success. This fact has been demonstrated by Dr. Carol Dweck, psychology professor at Stanford University, after three decades of research on both children and adults.

Step-It-Up-2-Thrive’s second stage helps shift youth to a growth mindset about their abilities and personalities. As they experience the content, youth develop a belief that the brain acts like a muscle which grows stronger with challenge. Youth understand how the brain learns, and they start to practice a growth mindset which responds to challenge with effort, strategies and seeking help. This growth mindset positions youth to accurately ` self-reflect and set goals on the journey to be all they can be.

A growth mindset can give courage to embrace one's own goals and dreams... And more importantly, it offers a way to work toward making them real.

-Dr. Carol Dweck,
Stanford University